Saturday, 6 November 2021

Exercising to Lose Weight After Spinal Surgery

Patients who have undergone spinal surgery in the past now the excruciating pain and heartbreak of the inevitable weight gain that follow any medical procedure. Spinal operations are especially difficult to recover from because of the long period of convalescence and the relative inactivity that one must subject oneself to if one wishes to get healthy and achieve a sturdy and dependable spine. Surely, this period of inactivity and rest cannot be circumvented.

One should not fool oneself into thinking that one can disobey a spine surgeons's orders and start exercising as soon as they feel like it- no; the spine doctor's word on rest and recuperation is final and non-negotiable. But once your spine surgeon in Chennai gives you permission to begin exercising again, how should you go about dropping the pounds that you put on during your break from exercise? There are two excellent possibilities to begin burning calories: elliptical machines and swimming.

The first thing you need to realize is that, coming back from spinal surgery, your body is likely not to be in a good position to return to high-impact sports such as running or football. Sports such as these stress your joints, and after a long period of inactivity, you put yourself at risk of re-injury if you return immediately to these sports. Likewise, after a long break, returning to these exercises will be especially inefficient and will only cause stress and frustration if you immediately try to start running again.

If you are used to an exercise such as running, try replacing it with an hour or so of elliptical machine use, 3-4 times per week. If you can bring yourself to go to the gym and sweat it out at a low intensity for a solid hour, you should just notice a serious improvement in your health in as little as a month.

If you are averse to remaining in place and working out in a gymnasium, consider taking up swimming as an alternative low-impact option for weight loss. As is well-known, swimming is an exercise that works your entire body. On top of this, swimmers enjoy the added benefit of not taxing their joints and ligaments prematurely, and are often able to swim consistently without worry of deterioration in their physical ability; traits that should be especially appealing to an individual recovering from spinal surgery.

Once you have found an athletic routine that fits your style of life: stick with it. Exercise is only as beneficial as you make it, and if you give up after only a few weeks, you will find yourself in as much of a rut as you were in as when you first started.

Friday, 29 October 2021

Back Pain Treatment: Simple Ways to Maintain a Healthy Back

We take care of our hands, feet, head and all other parts of the body except the back. But when it starts hurting you cannot bear it. It is one of the most common ailments in the country and the govt has taken cognizance of that fact and come up with 10 ways for back pain treatment in other words the mantra to maintain a healthy back.

A healthy weight is a prerequisite for a healthy back. The extra weigh takes its toll on not only the back but the whole body so control your weight. Moreover you also need to toughen the back and abdominal muscles; the abdominals for a strong core that protect the back and this is of primary importance if you are playing tennis or sitting at a desk all day. These are the basic ways how you can avoid back pain treatment and have a healthy back.

Proper lifting of items is also prerequisite for back pain treatment of more aptly to maintain a healthy back. Your back is the most sensitive region when you are lifting any object and you must protect it by keeping the spine in proper alignment along with spreading your feet apart as you lift. This also makes it mandatory that you strengthen the muscles of your leg as alongwith core muscles they help you to maintain a good posture and body mechanics, thus playing a vital role in taking much of the burden off the back when you are lifting heavy items.

Being flexibly is half the battle won in the context of back pain treatment, and you must make you body more flexible by various forms of exercise like yoga, tai chi etc to make your body more flexible. The maintenance of a good posture cannot be stressed enough as it takes pressure off the discs and muscles when you are moving your body correctly thus reducing the strain on your back. Apart from this the leas stress the better. Stress is one of the reasons why muscles on the back tense up and this must be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, to maintain a healthy back you must learn to warm up before any activity, this allows you cold muscles and joint to work properly. In the end you must take care of your comfort and the best way to do this is to buy a good mattress, it should give rest to your back, thus resulting in back pain treatment. And last but no the least your lower back must get some support in the form of a small pillow or a rolled towel to make sitting comfortable. Follow all the ten suggestions and you will see yourself maintaining a healthy back. Or better consult with best neurosurgeon in Chennai for all your neurological problems.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Spinal Pain - You Must Follow a Plan for Spinal Pain Relief

Spinal pain relief can be found with a good diagnosis, an excellent physician who listens and prescribes treatment and proper following of the recommended plan. Many people suffer from chronic pain (also described as back pain) for years without relief, yet one of the three factors involved was not followed, resulting in continued distress of the patient. The symptom of spinal pain is not the only issue to be addressed, with the source of the pain needing investigation before a treatment plan can be followed.

Spinal Pain Diagnosis

When you pull a muscle in your back while lifting a heavy item, turning suddenly, or taking a fall, you will most likely know that the injury is muscular. If the pain remains for more than three months after taking anti-inflammatory over-the-counter pain relievers, rest as well as stretching and occasional exercise and heat and ice, it's time to see a spine surgeon in Chennai

The most common diagnosis for lower back pain is muscle strain, yet for spinal pain it is a slipped or ruptured back disc - the cushion between the vertebrae (the bones of the spine) that allows movement of the back. Other causes for people to seek pain relief are spinal stenosis, where the vertebrae constrict around the spinal cord, discogenic pain is caused by degeneration without herniation of the back disc and spondylolisthesis in which adjacent vertebrae become unstable and begin to slip. Arthritis and osteoporosis can affect the back as well as the hands and feet for a common cause of back pain. Osteoporosis may cause spinal compression fractures in the vertebrae.

Excellent Physician Care

While your spine surgeon must listen to your issues with spinal pain, you must also listen to your body, and possibly take notes, to portray to your neuro specialist exactly what is happening in your back. By offering a complete picture of your symptoms to your doctor, with the results of the diagnostic tests, he can more easily determine the cause of pain and recommend treatment. A stronger medication may be prescribed, but only for a time to relieve the pain. Some of the procedures may take place in the physicians office - whether a pain management specialist or an orthopaedic surgeon, and include injections, TENS, physical therapy and massage. Your doctor should be board certified in his specialty, and fellowship training is an added bonus if he or she is to offer pain relief.

Follow a Plan for Spinal Pain Relief

When a spine surgeon designates a plan for pain relief, you must follow it closely to expect results. Some of the recommended treatments will include exercise, rest, physical therapy and doctor appointments to treat and follow up. An exercise plan may include swimming or working out in a pool, daily stretches, or another exercise routine to manipulate the muscles around the affected area. You must show up for physical therapy appointments and treatments at the appointed time, as not doing so will only delay spinal pain relief. A back brace may be recommended as well, and this should be worn as described by the physician.

While surgery may sometimes be the only method for the pain relief, the methods available today are more successful and minimally invasive techniques make it even more possible for the release or your back pain.